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September 16, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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Last month it was a beautiful crazy month, was the first time we had the pleasure to help a wonderful little family fundraise their hearts out for The Champion Centre and that we did!

Tara came to me asking for help on how and what to do, and with all the past events and our fundraising initiative we knew Tara was in the right place and we wanted to help! With our Mini session fundraiser and a yummy brunch we were set to go all out and Tara did just that with organising an auction, raffles to bump up the fundraiser and with the wonderful team on board it turned out to be a success and such a fabulous day had by all!

We had yummy coffee that I’d won through Facebook that we chipped in and also got donated more coffee! The team at Coffee Skills are pure amazing, and did I mentioned the delish coffee which was of course needed!

Not to mention we had the wonderful Wilde Magenta the face painter who came and painted a dozen plus little faces and yes I did too get my face done again (yes I have had the pleasure of having it done prior to our event lol).

It was a beautiful sunny day, even darth vader made an appearance!

In total the funds raised for The Champion Centre was $2094 with one of the brunch attendees are now going to complete there special needs training so they can work at champion centre, not to mention a tonne of amazing people now know about the work The Champion Centre do for all the families and children of Canterbury. Talk about success right there! I couldn’t be prouder of Tara, our Time2Shine people and all the business who helped make this possible!

A big thank you to all the people and businesses who helped in any and every way!!

Head Rush Hair Salon
Magenta Sutton Independent Scentsy Consultant
Time2Shine Photography – yea that’s us!!
City Power Lawns
The Body Shop
Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa
Farnley’s Jetskis
Ferrymead Heritage Park
Sasha Jamberry Consultant
Bridie Brockhurst – Independant Scentsy Consultant
Coffee Skills Mobile
Wildewoman Magenta Wilde Artist
Darth Vader
Bromley Community Centre

Please if I have missed your business above, it’s not intentionally!! Flick me a message or comment below and I’ll be more than happy to add 🙂

Again thank you all so very much! So so happy that we’re able to be apart of something so amazing and spreading the word is just as important as raising funds!
If you want to know more about The Champion Centre, please head on over to their website. There is so many different ways you can help, little or big! They appreciate it all!

Feel free to check out the businesses above, all I can say is great things about all of them! Thank you again so very much and a big big thank you to Tara and Master Soul for wanting to do something so selfless, it is a lot of hard work doing fundraisers and this one was just totally amazing and everyone walked away so happy and leaving knowing they helped The our Future generations, The Champion Centre and overall had an amazing day.

Much love
Your proud portrait photographer

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