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April 29, 2021
May 14, 2021
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Maternity Portraits | Pregnancy Photoshoot with Time2Shine Photography

Woowwweee Autumn is here and I am itching for summer loving again! Fire’s been on and I’ve been warming up the studio and office as soon as I wake up, ensuring it’s nice and toasty for all our lovely clients and me too!

With that brings me back to our beautiful Summer Beach session with the lovely Chrissy  and her man! It was such a beautiful morning and the portraits together… My world absolutely stunning! Only if it was summer all the time huh..

It was a magically morning, no breeze and we had the entire beach to ourselves. A beautiful spot just located at the end of New Brighton and a hidden gem to say the least!

To get to this beautiful destination it’s a short scroll through the reserve, creating a perfect backdrop for a variety of nature portraits but the beach ones were definitely the fav and such a huge hit with this beautiful dream couple! Not only were they natural but they loved the flow of our session too! Laughing and having fun, by the time we were finished I had far too many portraits and sore face cheeks from laughing and awwwing too much – is it ever too much though? I don’t think so!

Chrissy’s Dress tied in perfectly for the session and flowed just as she glowed, the love these two share shone bright and I was in awe, how delightful, how beautiful, how grateful I was to be able to capture their essence and their love, aswell as capturing these moments that will be a blur one day. Growing a wee human is truly special and these two just glowed and laughed, it was such a pleasure and oh so much fun, I didn’t want it to end!

But as all sessions do, we finished up with some cute as maternity portraits with them sitting cosy together, all loved up!

What a beautiful way to end the session, and the summer season – with all the love in the world I wish you guys the best and so much more!


Lover of nature and food, married and fur mom to two gorgeous shar pei. Been in the world of Time2Shine for Ten Years and loving it! If I'm not in the studio, or renovating our house you'll find me chasing waterfalls, in the kayak or getting lost in some mountains! That crazy kinda lady that loves her Essential oils, Plants and crystals too, and soon to be living in a tiny house, woohooo.

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