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As you may have seen on Time2Shine Photography’s Facebook page, we’re running a Fundraiser with Soul and Tara for The Champion Centre, here in Christchurch over the next month! How we’re doing it, with combined forces we’re holding a number of fundraisers with a Brunch to send this fundraiser off in style at the end. But lets get to why Tara and Soul are fundraising first ya?

Tara and Soul’s why:
In February 2015 Tara gave birth her beautiful boy Soul, at only 26 weeks and 3 days gestation he was a small 2 lbs 2 oz and a long 4 months in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Upon his discharge from the unit he was still faced with challenges that require regular monitoring and that’s where the champion centre have been by their side.

The lovely early invention team have helped soul with meeting his development milestones and working on closing the gap between his birth age (actual) and his due date age (corrected). Now 17 month old, Soul has learnt to sit, crawl and weight bear with sights of walking in the not to distance future. The skills, support and tips provided by the champion centre has given Tara’s miracle the best chance to meet his full potential and we want help make sure that their amazing work continues.

A bit about the champion center:

The champion center provides multi-disciplinary early invention services to infants and young children with significant disabilities and their families in Canterbury. The programme is offered in a centre-based model of service with parents, and in accordance with international best practice.

For more information on the champion centre and what they do feel free to visit

How you and I can help:

Support The Champion centre by liking their page and maybe even being an active member on their page – here

Give-a-little to The Champion centre – it’s always appreciated and every little bit counts!

Grab some flyers off myself or Tara! We’ve got posters and flyers available – we want to raise awareness too!

Support Time2Shine Photography by sharing the awareness of The Champion Centre with Time2Shine’s flyers – located on our page and also on our event’s page. Which is next up.

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Join our events:

Soul’s Champion Mini Session Fundraiser with Time2Shine

Souls Champion Brunch with Time2Shine

Events are still being created also so please do check back or you’re welcome to subscribe to Time2Shine’s events on facebook here – it’s pretty awesome and it lets you know anytime we have an event (which is atleast once a season ).

Also Tara has organised a buddy drive with Magenta Sutton Independent Scentsy Consultant

So as you can see we have a little bit going on! And so much more coming too <3 We love being able to give back to the Community and we wouldn’t be doing this without Tara’s effort and Magenta’s too! If you’d like to help in other ways, please feel free to send us a message, or leave a comment below. – Feel free to leave a comment anyway though lol – again sharing is caring ? If you have any questions please do feel free to ask away. Tara and I (Laura), will be more than happy to help. I’m going to leave you a wee video I found on The Champion Centre’s Facebook page, which shows you what they’re all about!

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