Paris Turned Two!

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Jaxon’s Newborn Portraits!
August 20, 2018
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Millie’s Newborn Portraits
September 6, 2018
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Once upon a time in 2017 a beautiful little girl named Paris came to the studio for her first birthday portraits. It wasn’t like any other day, it was a magical birthday with tutu’s, twirls and a beautiful dress and a cake to smash.

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Our first portrait session together was a huge success, Paris smashed the cake, splashed in the bath and loved every moment of it! That much so that I got to celebrate Paris turning TWO this year! We planned the most cutest wee session together, well in advance and excitement was an understatement!

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With two beautiful dresses picked out by mum and patiently awaiting for the magical birthday to arrive we were set and Paris was an absolute delight. With all the beautiful hair and the sparkle in her eyes I knew she remembered her time here last year. Twirling, laughing and smashing the cake to pieces.

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Ending our session together with of course the same bath from last year and Paris managed to fit her little bum in and enjoyed having a splashing good time! But it’s safe to say that next year the bath won’t be coming out. Though it’s pretty awesome Paris managed to fit in!! These gorgeous portraits show how fast Paris is growing and I think it’s super cool being able to capture her growing over the past two years!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! It was such a pleasure capturing your first and second birthday!

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