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May 31, 2016
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June 20, 2016
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It’s been newborn goodness this month and we’ve had the pleasure of capturing three gorgeous sweet little newborns and there families. Gorgeous and sweet it has been these cutie pies were totally the cutest I have seen. – see what I did there, wee rhyme poem lol. Totally true though, check them out now. You’ll see what I mean, totally gorgeous in every way.

The handsome wee Hunter and his handsome big brother Kayden were the first in before the girls. And boy was I super lucky in the past too, I had the pleasure of capturing Kayden’s newborn portraits too. Which was just as gorgeous too when he was four weeks old. His beautiful Mum found me and booked in again and what a pleasure and honor! Cutest little dude’s ever!

Maddie the newest edition was so delish beside her big brother Luke, who might I add is a very handsome and plays rugby too. So watch out boys, no-one is coming near his gorgeous little sister! If you haven’t recongized the handsome wee dude and family already, these gorgeous guys came in for the maternity session just the other month 😀 Talk about cuteness overload huh? I’m pretty lucky, that’s for sure!

Hunter and Kayden
Maddie 1

Our other little superstar is the gorgeous wee Bailee, 10 days new here and she is gorgeous. There must be something in the water because these newborns are just super adorable, which makes me think there’s more beautiful little newborns out there! Calling my name, wanting Laura Snuggles and beautiful portraits at Time2Shine Photography. Lol maybe, maybe not.


Anyway newborn goodness is amazing, if you’re ever feeling blue, come check out these gorgeous images and the newborn goodness will take its smiley, positive effect on you and you’ll be smiling in no time 🙂

Newborn portraits, newborn photography or shall I say The Newborns Time2Shine is where you get to come in, hang out in the studio for half a day, maybe a full day. Whatever you like, our time is yours for the taking, because newborns run on sweet sweet newborn time. Taking time to relax, watch on and enjoy the beautiful moments of the sweet sweet newborn goodness. Because they’re only this tiny once.

With much love and appreciation of life

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