Millie’s Newborn Portraits

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August 29, 2018
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September 11, 2018
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Met Millie!! Aka Matilda born on Friday the 27th July. Coming to see us at just 16 days new, and gosh was it a pleasure!

I have no words for how beautiful this baby girl is. She was also just a dream to photograph. She had a full belly and snoozed right through her newborn portraits, with a peak or two to see if we were still around!

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I absolutely love the colours we used in this session as well. I hope you enjoy a peek into baby Millie’s newborn session, just as much as I enjoyed all the snuggles and capturing her sweetness.

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Her parents are of course no strangers here at Time2Shine Photography and it was an absolute pleasure to see them again! It’s so humbling… I’m grateful for my loyal clients! And I truly love watching your beautiful babies grow!

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