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Did you know?

I am petrified of heights?! I love a good adventure but heights, uneasy tracks make me freak the beep out and I get all wo wowo… They say I have vertigo but I dunno what that means, what I do know is that I push myself out of my comfort zone and I try do this often to keep myself going and getting better at this life thing…

It took me about 10 minutes to work up the courage to get on the chairlift the first time, the second time was easier, the third time – easy as!

If we don’t push ourselves we don’t grow, and we never know what we are truly capable of. I remember all my school reports said Laura has potential but …………..

HAHA so I’m now 30 and pushing my boundaries, climbing mountains doing things I never thought I’d ever do, all because I wish to grow, explore and say IM POSSIBLE!

Hi I’m Laura, HME, Arthritis, Hypermobility and anxiety and depression took over my life for many years, and after jumping on a self holistic healing journey about 4 years ago, I’ve been banishing these demons and claiming my power to LIVE MY LIFE to the fullest FOR ME.

Clarity and peace of mind is all I’ve ever wanted, I joined Young Living Essential Oils Feb Last year, I joined the Gym at the same time. Before then I dove into books, asked my doctors for help and ended up going in a downward spiral of MRI scans and multiple xray scans, nerve conductions and all the prodding and poking you could imagine – I ended up stopping all of that to find a better way through this dis-Ease and have come out claiming my power back. My comfort zone was to keep me safe, but it did nothing but take my pride and my power and it made me weak.

If you’ve been around for the long haul, you would have seen me in my many different states of mind. Mental health is no joke, people always say how happy I am, and most of that time it was a mask. Fake it til you make it they say. I lost myself. I was 16 when I was diagnosed, only 16 with a life of potential ahead – but that was slammed shut by a doctor who only saw me for what the papers and scans said… Dis-Ease back away – fast!

I’m so grateful for my back then doctor, I wouldn’t say this two months ago as I realise he didn’t know any better, he wasn’t aware his words would harm and play on a looptrack to this 16 year old mind – but lucky for me all the training I am and have been doing is creating the mindset I know will help not just me but those around me, those following me and also those that feel like there is no hope, there is! You are the hope, you just have to go past that comfort zone, ask for help, seek help and keep on going til you know you found the right form for you…

Personally all the help I’ve asked for has been hard, it wasn’t what I expected or asked for but I’ve always gone in with an open heart. I took what help I could get and made the most of it, I searched, I tried, I failed. But mostly I got back up and tried again.

Just like dory I kept on swimming.

And my friends, that’s the life of Laura and her ramblings.
Please know I am not a doctor, please talk to health professionals if you need to, and know you are never alone, and you are never weak for asking for help. Doctors can assist with free counselling sessions – this is NEW and has to be referred, there is a waiting list but it is worth it if you really wish to seek and speak with a professional and cannot afford one.

Helpline is always available for anyone; Call or text 1737 or 357(HELP) to chat to a trainer counsellor. These guys are super helpful but super busy so please don’t be discouraged if they take a wee bit to reply.
If you feel suicidal or unsafe please call 0508 828 865 or someone you trust immediately. It’s okay not to be okay, but there is always a way out of the darkness – ALWAYS.

And the list of helplines available;

Just like physical health, mental health needs to be looked after too, what we feed our mind, what we allow into our aura. All affects our state of mind. If we don’t feed it well, it’ll perform badly just like our physical health. Hence why I started at the gym (yoga actually but at the local gym they have classes every single day of yoga and this was my way to form a physical and mental health regime).

That’s also why we feel so good in nature as our beings love that wild fresh air, rushing to our brain like a fresh massage on our aches muscles… Pure Bliss?!

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote – like fine wine and whiskey, life gets better with age.
And if it’s not you need to change the filter and change up your life. We aren’t’ at school anymore, you have to show up for you!

Thanks for being here
Thanks for reading my rambles
But mostly thank you for being you

Love and Light dear friends
Laura Leeanne xx

Lover of nature and food, married and fur mom to two gorgeous shar pei. Been in the world of Time2Shine for Ten Years and loving it! If I'm not in the studio, or renovating our house you'll find me chasing waterfalls, in the kayak or getting lost in some mountains! That crazy kinda lady that loves her Essential oils, Plants and crystals too, and soon to be living in a tiny house, woohooo.

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