Behind the scenes

May 14, 2021


In the last Ten years, I created and maintained this business of Photography, alongside growing and learning how to be me.. Losing myself a long the way and gaining myself and new strengths... I started this photography journey when I craved purpose in my life. I had two hand surgeries before turning 21 and I got time told time and time again by my Doctor I should just live a life on an invalids benefit... Little did I know this was the start of something amazing, a new super-power....
March 24, 2021

Mental Health Matters

Hi I'm Laura, HME, Arthritis, Hypermobility and anxiety and depression took over my life for many years, and after jumping on a self holistic healing journey about 4 years ago, I've been banishing these demons and claiming my power to LIVE MY LIFE to the fullest FOR ME......
March 3, 2021

Cake Smash Preparation

Booking your baby's first birthday portraits are super easy, but here's a couple of top tips on how to get the most out of your beautiful cake smash photoshoot, whether with me or someone else. The tips are going to make your session that more enjoyable and don't forget it's always your Time2Shine here at Time2Shine Photography.
February 25, 2021

Welcome to Ten Years!

Welcome back to Time2Shine Photography, I'm Laura and I'm the owner, creator and photographer here at Time2Shine Photography and it is a great pleasure to be here with you today. When I'm not in the studio or on the computer which is just down the road from the beach, I'm either at home (other parts of the house) doing some renovations or out on an adventure, kayaking or chasing a waterfall or just chilling and reading a book! What do you love doing? Being in the business for ten years and I know how important it is to recharge and unwind to give the best you can in business. My husband and I love being able to travel our backyard