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I had the pleasure of meeting Rosina and the wonderful team at Cariboo NZ and not only that but we got to spend the entire day together!

It was a wonderful day had, as you can imagine I love all things cute and spending the day with the team at Cariboo was just that, all things cute and adorable! If you don’t know who Cariboo or what is Cariboo, they’re an amazing worldwide company specializing in Nursery Products born in Nature. Their products speak for themselves, they’re beyond amazing! Stylish, functional and environmental friendly nursery furniture. Made lovingly in New Zealand. What more could you ask for your babies.

Cariboo New Zealand is located in Rangiora and have a beautiful range displayed and available for you and your entire family. I personally was in awe at how gorgeous these products are. My face-cheeks we’re sore from oooohhhhing and ahhhhing all over the place. So many beautiful products to choose from, and you can also mix and match their items to create your very own Nursery set! I think it’s a total win! I couldn’t believe how easy it is to change things up and adding beautiful items from Kmart to create a lush feeling just adds icing to the cake!

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If you’re wondering is Cariboo for you? Yes, yes it is! I’ve already said to the Mr I know where we’ll be going when it’s that time for us.

And they’re all so very helpful, welcoming and able to set up your products too! Such a win win, I don’t know why you’d want to go anywhere else!

This isn’t a sales pitch, I just can’t help sharing the love of CARIBOO PRODUCTS! The day spent there was incredible! We had about 8 sets and we changed it up for a boys room and also a girls and even a twin set up and one point. Team work all day, changing up, taking away. Even got to assist with putting together some of their gorgeous products and it was so easy!

I can’t wait to go back and capture Cariboo NZ’s next range which will be their Summer range!! Eeeekkk squeals at my end as I already know what the colours schemes are and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW!! Exciting!!!

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Anywho I’ll leave you with a taste of Cariboo Products! Feel free to head over to their website and Facebook page and check them out. Maybe even leave them a wee bit of loving on their site? Say hey from us 🙂 I know you wanna!

Have a wonderful day and a Big thank you to Cariboo NZ for choosing Time2Shine Photography for allowing us the pleasure of creating some gorgeous product images for their beautiful range. As I said it was a beautiful day had!

Much love from your crazy photographer

Laura A

Lover of nature and food, married and fur mom to two gorgeous shar pei. Been in the world of Time2Shine for Ten Years and loving it! If I'm not in the studio, or renovating our house you'll find me chasing waterfalls, in the kayak or getting lost in some mountains! That crazy kinda lady that loves her Essential oils, Plants and crystals too, and soon to be living in a tiny house, woohooo.

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