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April 7, 2016
Picnic at Ferrymead Heritage Park
May 6, 2016
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Welcome to our brand new website, Isn’t it gorgeous!

Long hours and an amazing designer behind the scenes to cater to my every needs, and I wasn’t easy! If you know me, idea’s shoot like a lightening bolt and walllla a new site has been born!

Features such as our new booking calendar here… Which has our hours available. Please note times are more for Hair and Make-up. Kids sessions are of course available for these times and also outside these times.

Our new portfolio area! With before and afters and a whole page dedicated to all our different works of portraits. With of course a new video area. A sneak peak into a shoot or a whole gallery. See what our work is truly like.

Booking info is all there now too, along with our products and pricing. Our all in one price makes booking a breeze. Especially with the new calendar!

Last but certainly not least our Blog and our new links page. These two are another love to be shared. My love for sharing my business peeps with you and my love for writing and sharing my words of crazy antics, beautiful sessions and of course everything in between.

Never a dull moment here at Time2Shine Photography! And our new website is just another shiny way for you to keep up with us.

Share the love, and share us with your friends. Comment on our blogs, go crazy!
Tis a site for you to love and share.

Thank you all for everything and a big thank you to Express Web Studio for such a fantastic website yet again. Out done themselves (especially having to put up with me and my crazy ideas!)

Lover of nature and food, married and fur mom to two gorgeous shar pei. Been in the world of Time2Shine for Ten Years and loving it! If I'm not in the studio, or renovating our house you'll find me chasing waterfalls, in the kayak or getting lost in some mountains! That crazy kinda lady that loves her Essential oils, Plants and crystals too, and soon to be living in a tiny house, woohooo.

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  1. Suz says:

    Your website looks fantastic!

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