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Babies first year at Time2Shine Photography

Newborn Portraits available at Time2Shine Photography.

Family Portraits are totally welcome at this time too, along with sibling portraits with your new baby!

Come and relaxing in my warm studio, where you get to sit and enjoy the essence of your new family member and create beautiful photos together that will last a lifetime and so much longer.

Let’s create those squishy portraits, book your due date and I can have you all booked in the week baby is born to ensure you get those gorgeous sleeping portraits that I know you’ll just love and cannot live without!

Recommendation is within the first week to get those sleepy baby portraits but of course anytime is a good time to get beautiful portraits of your baby – there’s no right or wrong way here.

For those sleepy baby portraits please allow 2 to 3 hours, as we allow time for feeding, burping and changing. Along with outfit changes and snuggles with mum. This time is a time of peace and enjoyment so be sure to bring along snacks and anything to keep your tots occupied if you have older children, or they’re welcome to get picked up after they’ve had their portraits done – it’s super easy here at Time2Shine and with WIFI available – it’s relaxing and fun for the entire family.

Here at Time2Shine Photography, baby portraits are a big deal! For me it’s not about the photos even though that is my “job”, for me it’s ensuring your family has an enjoyable, memorable time here at the studio and leaving feeling relaxed and like you’ve had an amazing session that you will remember for years to come.

When your baby turns 5, 21 or even 30 you’ll remember this day that you got their very first photo’s done and to me I think it should be an enjoyable one! A day that you look back on and remember how relaxing it was and how you celebrated the life you created by capturing their tiny little details and your newest family member.

It’s an experience to say the least, one that I’ve spent years creating. Last week I had so many beautiful babies in the studio, I got to see where I shone and I got to see where I could do better. Ways I could do better was bringing in the fresh filtered water with glasses for my clients, one I know is a small detail but a big detail in itself too. Just those details that to me make it more conferrable and personally to you as my client that comes and pays me to capture your beautiful family and baby.

If you really wish for sleeping portraits, I’ll take my time and ensure we capture just that. At the end of the day my wish is for you to leave feeling like you made the right choice choosing me. Because when I say it’s your Time2Shine I truly mean it. Safety is my #1 goal at all times, and then it’s your comfort in my studio. My home is your home and I welcome you to feel at ease and no I will not rush you to feed your baby, my time is precious and I never book two babies or back to back sessions with newborn portraits as I want you to relax and not feel rushed. When you are feeling rushed baby is too, and I never want you to think you are just another number, you are my priority and I love that you choose me! It’s an honour and I wish to take that honour and give you my all.

Of course with all that I have spent years finding my style in my newborn portraits and you may see that my portfolio is non-active, with that I’ve been focusing on my posing and styling of my beautiful newborn portraits. Because when I first started out I thought I had to do what everyone else was doing and what everyone wanted. To find that I have my own style and my own eye for detail and since this revelation I have started creating my beautiful portfolio to suit me.

And that is natural beautiful portraits however the baby is feeling is how I pose, every baby is different and every family is different and this beautiful wee man Riley is one of my clients that I photographed for an entire year! His mumma was so onto it and kept it up, even throughout winter! I second guessed my every move thinking I wasn’t good enough and reminded myself that I am and I could and I did just that. I look back on these (He’s two now!) in awe of how stunning and beautiful Riley is and these images too. For me these show me simplicity is key and it shows with how stunning his portfolio turned out.

With that I also introduced babies first year at Time2Shine Photography – a new package that has either monthly moments or milestone moments with me for an entire year! It’s an amazing package and with 12 to 13 sessions the bond has to be the best part! Well along with these beautiful photos – but the bond and the moments truly shine for me!

As you can see I love being able to do this as my full time “job”, my career being able to share my talent of eye for details, creating a relaxing environment while chatting your ear off to forget the fact you are also getting portraits and laughing and loving the whole process. The hardest part… Is always choosing your beautiful collection at the end. But if you’re like me and love photos – you can have all the beautiful images with my fully loaded packages. Because why not right??

With that I’ll leave you with my favourite quote… Like fine wine and whisky life gets better with age..
And it surely does when it comes to watching your babies grow and evolve into human beings that are walking and talking our ears off. It truly does melt my heart and I am so grateful to be able to offer these packages, my services and mostly be able to offer a loving, relaxing warm space for you to enjoy your babies first portraits.

Namaste my friends,
Thank you for choosing me and for reading this blog of mine!
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