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February 29, 2016
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April 7, 2016
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Today’s blog  I’d like to introduce Alice, a new graduate from UC and giving us the honor of telling her story and a bit into her Time2Shine! The words simply copy and pasted for your enjoyment and for mine also as I grab a sweet tea and hit publish, thank you Alice for sharing your story and for your time here at Time2Shine Photography. It has been a pleasure and I wish you all the best hun!

In 2013, I graduate with a Commerce degree from Lincoln University. After this I had a gap year to figure out what I wanted to do with myself and have a long deserving break from study. I had always known I wanted to be a teacher at some point in my life, it was a matter of when. During my gap year I worked with special needs children as a teacher aid. This experience really sparked my passion for teaching. In 2015, I applied to the Graduate diploma in teaching and learning programme at The University of Canterbury, and was accepted. It was a full on year, but when you know you are doing something you love and am passionate about it all falls into place. This had led me to wanting a graduation shoot. I didn’t want a ‘big fuss’ for the first time I graduated, but felt that I needed to do something special for this graduation. After asking around on Facebook for recommendations, a lot of people said talk to Laura at Time to Shine… and I have never looked back!

Before the consultation, I was nervous as I had a vision of what I wanted from the photoshoot but did not know how to explain it. Talking to Laura at the consultation, she eased all my worries and understood what I was wanting. I really like the fact that she lets you be 100% apart of photo ideas. For example, she set up a Pinterest board where I could pin photo ideas that I wanted to try or definitely do during the photoshoot. This really engaged me and made me feel confident.

The day of my photoshoot was a complete whirlwind. I had the photoshoot a day before the big graduation, and I was in… Auckland. I had to pick up my cap and gown before 5pm, I had my photoshoot scheduled for 5.30pm and I was flying out of Auckland at 3pm My flight was delayed and I flew out of Auckland at 3.30, arrived in Christchurch at 4.45. Rushed to the graduation gown place and scurried over to Laura and Bonnie at the studio. . It was a crazy day!

On arrival at the studio I was a hot mess (physically and emotionally). Laura was brilliant! She eased my mind as soon as I walked in the door and continued to reassure me throughout the session. Bonnie’s makeup 100% exceeded my expectations. I have been to really expensive makeup artists, and Bonnie is by far the best. The photoshoot went amazing. Laura made me feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. After the session, I went home feeling amazing about the photoshoot. I was thoroughly impressed by the photos and it was difficult task to choose which ones I wanted. Laura did an amazing job. I won’t be going anywhere else!
After feeling overwhelmed and anxious about wanting a photoshoot, I am glad I came to Laura at Time2Shine. Her greatest asset is that she is a people person, and will go above and beyond for her clients. Plus she is an amazing photographer as well. Safe to say I won’t be going anywhere else, and will recommend her to any and every one.
– From a stranger to a new friend!

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